Capitalism bothers me

What bothers you and why?

The world is on fire, refugees to this country are living on the streets because of a shortage of affordable housing; the bodies of Indigenous women are tossed into landfills and the powers that be refuse to search for and recover them; minimum wage workers need to make on average $27/hour to be able to pay rent; interest rates are rising and crippling mortgage holders; the cost of groceries has skyrocketed while corporations report record profits; wildfires that ravage the planet and the air we breathe are the result of unfettered greed, destruction and deforestation over centuries.

And that’s just today’s headlines.

People suffer. Communities suffer. The earth and nature and wildlife suffer, all because hoarding wealth takes precedence over LIFE.

And the consistent message I’m hearing that it’s the fault of those suffering for not having played the capitalist game well enough.

The state of the world isn’t accidental. It’s happened by nefarious design and it’s criminal, all in order for an elite few to sit idly on their piles of gold.

No one is getting out of here alive. How can they not see they’re burning too?

That’s what fucking bothers me.