Post-Trauma Growth & Somatic Coaching Reviews – Melanie Sheckels

“Janine’s presence is gentle yet strong.

She facilitates such a supportive & encouraging container for somatic exploration, creating a potent post-traumatic growth cauldron.

She brought such deep trust, curiosity, and spaciousness to our session. It set the stage for subtle transformative shifts to occur within me.

I came to the session feeling afraid of a boundary I needed to set and left secure in my knowing that my boundary was a generous and loving act for all involved.

Janine is definitely in her zone of genius in this work.”

Melanie SheckelsThreshold Doula

Post-Trauma Growth & Somatic Coaching Reviews – Rebecca Studer

“Being coached by Janine has felt like such a breath of fresh air – there is so much spaciousness and understanding for whatever comes up for me in sessions, and there is such tender care for parts of me that need love and support.

Janine has been able to connect seemingly unrelated pieces of activation or content for me, and her pacing, wisdom, and patience all have allowed the emergence of both my own medicine for healing as well as medicine she helps co-create as a coach.

I feel more connected to myself, to nature, and to the relationships around me when we work together, and she brings such a calm, wise, and inviting presence where safety and understanding are received at the body level.

I feel so lucky to be able to experience her magic in my own healing journey!”

Rebecca StuderStuder Somatics

Post-Trauma Growth & Somatic Coaching Reviews – Whitney Ullom

“My session with Janine was incredibly powerful. My whole being could feel how much she deeply trusted me + my process, which created a rich container for so much to come through. 

Janine’s wise and loving guidance allowed some deeply wounded & frozen parts of my creative heart to start to emerge and thaw. I felt so seen and held. 

I would work with Janine again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her to anyone working with very tender parts of themselves – especially around creativity!

Whitney UllomSexuality/Embodiment/Creativity

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