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Somewhere along the line yesterday, I misplaced those goddamned earbuds again.

No worries, my brand new shiny Bluetooth headphones arrived yesterday as well and I am in love with them.

Earbuds have their place though, and where they could have gone has been in the back of my mind all day.

New Neen doesn’t let this throw her off though. She knows the cursed buds will show up sometime eventually.

Do you ever have the kind of day that throws up an obstacle at every turn? This has been one of them.

And now that I think of it, it began yesterday.

In trying to set up my shiny new Bluetooth headset on my desktop computer, all my troubleshooting skills were not helpful. Because, as it turns out, the computer is old enough to predate Bluetooth as a standard feature.

New Neen didn’t let that throw her off though. A quick run to a computer store to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter solved that problem.

This morning, even before I put on a pot of coffee (I know, right?!) I opened the package containing the adapter to install it on the computer.

As typical in my experience, these installations never work the first time. The computer immediately recognized it was now capable of making Bluetooth connections, but couldn’t manage to find my shiny new Bluetooth headphones.

New Neen didn’t let that throw her off though. She’s resourceful. In another life she’d even won awards as part of a team delivering high level technical support to customers across North America. She’s got this.

Except that the USB adapter didn’t come with a printed manual. It had to be accessed online.

The internet connection in this room has always been a little bit wonky, and it decided to wonk out in a major way this morning, making me wonder whether a whole office reconfiguration might be in order. I’m beginning a course soon that requires a solid internet connection (doesn’t everything we do in pandemic time these days?) and didn’t want the wonk to interfere.

So I took the computer apart, rejigged all of the USB devices on it for better configuration, and moved it to a different corner of the room that seems to have better reception. (Whether or not this is actually true is beside the point – never underestimate the therapeutic power of rearranging the furniture).

Somewhere along the line over the past few weeks, one of the little rubber covers for my earbuds had disappeared, but New Neen hadn’t let that throw her off either. (WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!) She knew it would turn up somewhere eventually and it did. In a corner behind the computer desk.

Now if only I had the goddamned earbuds. No worries. New Neen knows they’ll show up when the time is right.

Office furniture in its new configuration, I reconnected the computer, accessed the online manual for my shiny new Bluetooth headphones easy peazy, followed the instructions and success! I will now be able to turn off the camera in Zoom meetings and dance around in the office, still able to hear everything that’s going on without being tethered to the desk.

Mission accomplished, it was time to relax. I prepared a lovely cup of tea and a healthy snack and settled in on my comfy chaise relocated to the corner where the computer used to be, connected my shiny new Bluetooth headphones to my phone this time, and started watching a video I’d saved earlier in the week.

5 Crucial Things Your Spirit Guides Want You To Know! (Judge me if you must. I’m good with this)

Relaxing back on my comfy chaise in the jeans I’d worn yesterday, I put my hands in my pockets to warm them and found the goddamned earbuds.

Figuring out what my spirit guides want me to know? I think I’ve got this.

the author, with her shiny new Bluetooth headphones

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